The Delightful Horse

" . . . giving into pressure while under pressure."
The Delightful Horse

Finding a Better Way . . .

As much as you need to, as little as possible, the path of least resistance is strewn with the battered bodies of owners and the remains of dead horses beaten by magic wands and good intentions. We have to find a better way…

The high road is seldom easy and rarely straight but far simpler than the alternatives. We have a responsibility in life to make things better for our fellow-man and the creatures around us. Why? To counteract the tipping of the scales by the people who just don’t care. You are here. You care. You want to find a better way. The same old rhetoric isn’t getting the job done… too vague… too philosophical… too confusing… too much running in a bullpen… (and the “not knowing when to stop!”) Can’t actually put those concepts into actions that actually move your horse from point A to point B without losing limb or life.

Cue orchestra music “Here I Come to Save the Day!” That means that darqpony (the Delightfulhorse) is on the waaaay! (You should hear the refrain from “Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures” cartoon about now, only, like, with a flying pony instead of a mouse… lol)

And for just $737.00, I’ll give you the Super-Duper-Magic-Pixie-Dust that will solve ALL your horse’s (dog’s, cat’s, dolphin’s, kid’s, and spouse’s, too, btw) problems.

LOL Just kidding. No magic pixie dust. Just the right way to look at persistent problems with your horse (and that part is no joke). Breakdown ANY trainer’s technique (Parelli, Anderson, Lyons, Reis, Peters, Gurney, Cox, Shrake, Miller, etc., going back to Beery, Rarey, and Xenophon) and figure out what makes them tick and how they work. And then—duh-di-duh-duuuhm—build upon your new way of thinking. They are not better than you and this is not rocket science. I’m not re-inventing the wheel. In fact, horses (dogs, cats, dolphins, kids, and spouses) have been around far longer than the wheel so what would be the point? I’m going to ride on all these big name trainer coat tails and they won’t even know it. Because isn’t that the point? Working smarter and not harder? Finding a better way. As human beings with these ginormous brains, we should be able to do that, right? Just saying… ;)