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Code of Conduct and Comment Policy


Commenting at The Delightful Horse is a privilege, not a Constitutional Right.  While we welcome and encourage comments, diverse opinions, and new information shared by all, we expect our commenters to abide by our policies without argument, to treat others (including our Moderators) with respect and to generally act as if they were a guest in someone’s home.  Be aware that we reserve the right to edit or remove any comment without explanation. Please take the time to read through our Code of Conduct and Comment Policy before you comment.

Egocentric pomposity, rudeness, racism, sexism, any-other-ism, homophobia, off-topicness, acrophobia, ailurophobia, destructive (versus constructive) criticism, or any other sort of donkey-buttedness will get you BANNED from the party… sorry… LOL

Flagging Comments

If you have a problem with a comment, DO NOT REPLY TO IT. You are not the teacher. Let the teacher handle the problem, miss small child from kindergarten. ;) Instead, flag the offending comment and our Moderation Team (right now, that’s darqpony! LOL) will then deal with any inappropriate bullies from class.

Copyright Infringement

If you didn’t make it, record it, or write it, you can’t give it away! Or, most especially, sell it! Violating Copyright law in any way is expressly forbidden. This includes torrent details, trading in illegal merchandise, sharing copyrighted photographs/video files/audio files/etc, or any other items prohibited by law.

Posts will be removed and repeat offenders will be banned. We will not allow the site to be compromised in this way and would cooperate fully with any Copyright holder who made inquiries due to violations of this rule.

“What happened to my comment?”

If you made a comment that then magically disappeared, there are several possibilities, but most likely your comment was selected for moderation. This happens when you use one of the *naughty* words we screen for, or include a link in your comment, or someone flags your post.

All comments containing links are held *hostage* until checked out due to spam and porn bots that work tirelessly to infiltrate good, family oriented websites. They suck. :( Assuming your link is valid, your post will magically reappear. Getting click-happy and trying to MAKE it magically appear by posting it a billion times won’t help… and it will most certainly annoy the Moderator.

Embedded links like Visit Here or shortened links (bit.ly or tinyurl.com) are not allowed. Please just post the bare link.

Posting in ALL CAPS is not allowed. Stringing a bunch of characters together (@$%&#*) may also get your comment “lost” by the bot filters that check for spam.

No personal attacks, obscene language or content, spam, illegal activities, or trolling allowed.

You are solely responsible for the content you post. The Delightful Horse is not responsible for User Content posted on the website. We do not and cannot review all User Content. However, we have the right (but not the obligation) to review, screen, edit, delete and/or move any User Content posted to The Delightful Horse or to our social media channels.

Please be kind in all comments and correspondents with everyone here, and we’ll all get along just fine! :)