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The Delightful Horse

To the Rescue (Contact Us Page) + Price List

At this time, The Delightful Horse is accepting no new clients. Most of the clients that use our services have been with us for DECADES. (Um, not saying that we are a bad trainer, or anything, lol, but that there is always something new to LEARN! LOL) That said, Tammy Delight, (darqpony) has learned she can no longer ride a dozen horses a day and needs to stagger the work and… take naps! LOL

However, we are available for consulting work, in the area, (Norco, CA) for certain “Dangerous” situations if all else fails and you can find no one else to help you.

The cost will be by the hour, at regular rates. If there is significant travel time, that, too, is by the hour.

  • 1Hr Lesson = $60.00
  • Full Training (Does not include Board@Checkerboard Farms) = $700.00
    • Training includes daily “out of their stall” time whether it’s (trail or arena) riding, ponying, organized turnouts, longing, trick training or ground training, depending on the age of the equine in question.

To contact us:

darqpony @ (this website name) .com

(Take THAT you spambots! We HATE you and you should die a slow and miserable bot-ty death! LOL)