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The Delightful Horse

Affiliate Disclosure (and other unicorn magic)

You should always assume that pretty much every link on this website is an affiliate link and that if you click on it, and buy what’s being offered, the owner of this website will instantly be transported to the land of milk and honey, in a mansion, on her private island, with her ponies (and unicorns) running free along the shore… and dolphins… lots of dolphins, cavorting in the surf. ;) You can also assume that whatever book the owner recommends, that she got a review copy for free. Maybe. She does have a lot of books already. Like a bookstore with shelves and things that she had to alphabetize and everything. So, yeah, raking in the mulah for being an Amazon affiliate, Etsy affiliate, Clickbank affiliate, and all the other affiliates she can’t remember. ;) The owner of this website appreciates your help in keeping her ponies and puppies and kittens and birdies, living the lifestyle they deserve!

I wish that were all true… *sigh* but while darqpony IS an affiliate with many of the companies she reviews the products of, the commission is much less than all that. Such a bummer! And while darqpony DOES tend to review or give info about a bunch of products, it’s mostly because she previously bought the products and uses it in her own barn for her own horses, either now, or in the past. Probably in the future, too. She just figured as an affiliate, she could share the info, and make a bit of hay money. ;)

‘Nuff said.

Have a great, pony-prancing day!